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Allen Oren produced, wrote, and researched the Four Sons documentary.  He’s a full-time professor of Journalism and long-time working journalist, first in print, including a stint as Entertainment Editor of USA Today, then in broadcast, receiving an Emmy and nominated for four others for the documentaries “18 Voices Sing Kol Nidre” and a history of Madison Square Garden.  He’s a long-time student of Jewish history and religion.

   David Thaler, editor and videographer, has more than 25 years of production experience in TV and film, including work with CNN, PBS, ABC, NBC, Fox News, E! Entertainment, News 12, Discovery, and WE.  He has received Emmy awards for both editing and producing, and he heads the Long Island-based Thaler Films production company.

     Michael Gower is a motion graphics designer with more than 25 years experience in the U.S. and abroad.  He has produced graphics for corporations, political campaigns, awards shows, and broadcast television.

   Chris Thaler, director of photography and one of five videographers on the film, has 23 years experience as a director of photography and producer, including work with CNN, Fox News, E! Entertainment, PBS, ABC, NBC, and News 12.  He has won an Emmy for outstanding cinematography.



Daniel Orentlicher, colorist, works primarily on full-length features, including as color assist on “Moonlight,” an Academy Award Best Picture winner.  He has worked as a colorist on a film at SXSW Film Festival and as a color assist on three films at the Sundance Film Festival.  He also works on commercials, shorts, and music videos.

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Where To Find The Boys

 “THE FOUR SONS AND ALL THEIR SONS: A Passover Tale” premiered on public television nationally in April, 2017. The debut of the 51-minute film coincided with the Passover holiday. The film continues to air throughout the year, most prominently during the Passover season.  A DVD of the documentary is available either for private use or for educational screening. The film comes from the producer-director of “18 Voices Sing Kol Nidre,” a documentary that aired on PBS the past eight High Holiday seasons.

Questions You'll Be Left With

Why Meet The Four Sons?

The Four Sons are the focus of one of the most beloved and intriguing stories in the Haggadah, the book read and sung at the Passover Seder.

   The story is beloved despite being just a short fable about four boys at the Seder table and how their father treats them.

   It’s intriguing because it has been reinterpreted as often as any tale told—in many different arts—and provides wise advice on how to pass on beliefs to your children.

   So, here’s a chance to meet The Four Sons—in 34 different versions.


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   Arthur Szyk’s Hitler version leads to the question...

Richard Codor’s Marx Brothers poses this question...






Captain Arnold Resnicoff, USN Ret., who was one of the highest ranking Jewish chaplains ever in the U.S. military, explains why the Evil Son has for centuries often been portrayed as a soldier.

David Wander is an artist and art teacher known world-wide for his portrayal of the Four Sons as four books, and also shows how student artists see the Four Sons.

Aliou Niang is a professor from Union Theological Seminary who practiced three faiths (none of them Judaism), and looks hard for a Four Sons story in other religions.

Danny Wise, a Broadway playwright and producer, says playwriting is about characters’ reactions, and the Four Sons story is about the sons’ reactions to their parents.

Roberta Morris, a member of a family tree that traces its lineage to King David, actually raised the Four Sons—her four sons—and tells their story.

Some Favorite Sons

   A number of wise heads, experts in their fields, offer their unique views about the Four Sons.

Most of their comments take the form of their personal versions of the Four Sons story.  Among them:

    The film highlights 34—count ‘em, 34—different versions of the Four Sons story told through art, music, or words.  And because Jews love to spark discussion by asking questions, each of those Four Sons stories leads to a key question.

Here are two examples:

Questions You'll Be Left With

Where To Find The Boys

Why Meet The Four Sons

Tellers of the Tale

Friends Of The Family

Some Favorite Sons

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